• LVDS Carrier Board CM3
  • Verizon CATM1 Modem
  • Deadfront Lighted Keypad
  • Key Switch Keypad
  • Capacitive Touch Uniform Lighted Keypad
  • Custom Electronics Enclosure
  • LVDS Raspberry Pi

Mechanical Design Services

For over 20 years, Blue Sparq engineers have beeen using the latest rapid prototyping methods to bring ideas to life. Blue Sparq has made the process easy, just give us a call (239) 558-8810 and our experienced mechanical engineers and industrial designers will listen to your requirements and put together a plan and proposal for you! Our software tools are all linked together, making complex electro-mechanical designs easy to get right the first time.

Design Tools


SOLIDWORKS is used to develop mechatronics systems from beginning to end. At the initial stage, the software is used for planning, visual ideation, modeling, feasibility assessment, prototyping, and project management. The software is then used for design and building of mechanical, electrical, and software elements.


Altium Designer

The 3D feature of Altium Designer is so powerful, allowing us the ability to see the product weeks or months before it actually, physically exists. We use the 3D model to check component placement and it's especially useful when a board is being designed for a bigger system.

Together, SOLIDWORKS and Altium Designer are used to create complex electro-mechanical designs quickly and efficiently. A great example of this is our ability to customize off-the-shelf Polycase.com enclosures for custom made electronic circuit boards. The circuit board is first designed inside of Altium Designer. From there, a 3D Model of the PCB is exported. This 3D model is complete with all of the various components represented. This model is then brought into Solid Works and assembled inside of a Polycase enclosure. At this point, all of the necessary holes are cut out precisely around the PCB components. It is this precision that allows us to get these custom enclosures right the first time!


Our engineers have the latest technology rapid prototyping equipment available. Having this equipment in-house, helps us quickly make and improve prototypes. The parts made by this equipment are precise and beautiful, allowing them to be used for small pilot production runs. These parts are used while we wait for the production tooling to be finished.

3D Printers

3D Printers make prototyping fast and easy. Blue Sparq has several 3D printers onsite and available for its engineers to design, develop, and test new parts.

CNC Mill

Our CNC Mill can make aluminum parts with ease. Its accuracy allows us to use it to make prototype circuit boards as well!


Our lasers are mainly used for cutting and etching as well as creating special light guides for our uniform, diffuse LED back lighting.

Sheet Metal Tools

Our sheet metal shop is complete with Shear, Notcher, Brake and Punch. Making small sheet metal parts and brackets is a breeze!


We begin the process by listening to our customers. The next step is to sketch out what we think the customer wants. We may end up sketching a few different versions of the design to see what the customer likes best. After these sketches are complete, we meet with the customer to go over them. From there we will have a good idea of what will make the customer happy. Now we begin the proof of concept stage. This is where we actually make the first version of the device. This looks-like, feels-like functioning prototype will show the customer that their idea can and will work.

This prototype will be refined until the customer is 100% happy with the end result.


Production is going from an approved prototype to production. Once the prototype is approved we can now move onto production. Since prototype circuit boards are made on the same production assembly equipment, there is no difference between a prototype PCB and a production PCB. Once the prototype design has been locked and approved the next time we run the PCB on our equipment, it would be considered a production run.

For mechanical parts, if the prototype contained 3D printed parts those parts would be considered for injection molding. Once the mold is made for all of the 3D printed mechanical parts, they can be produced in high volume at a very low cost.

Blue sparq can go from prototype design and development through production. From small quantity pilot production runs to medium or large volume production.

For more information please take a look at our Manufacturing Section