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High Speed Industrial Grade Equpiment

Do you have an existing or new product and want to give it capacitive touch technology for easier user-interface interaction?

DEK Horizon

DEK Automated Stencil Printer with Vision

SMT Line

DEK is a leader in stencil printers, their machines are used in high speed pick and place lines because of their reliability, operator friendly interface and easy maintenance. Another great feature is the speed in which a new job can be loaded. The job of this machine is to print solder paste onto the contacts of a circuit board. This machine has factory upgrades like the HawkEye solder inspection system and Grid-Lok system along with vision alignment. The HawkEye system checks solder paste placement and identifies if there is bridges, checks for the amount of solder being placed and solder placement offset. The Grid-Lok system allows us to easily and safely run boards with components on both sides.


  • HawkEye solder inspection
  • Grid-Lok system
  • Vision Alignment


JUKI KE-1070L High Speed Pick and Place

SMT Line

Capable of placing up to 15,500 components per hour, The JUKI KE-1070L is the newest addition to our SMT Pick and place line. This machine is often referred to as a “chip shooter” because it is specially designed to place small components such as capacitors and resistors at high speeds. Using laser alignment, this machine is capable of fast placement with very high accuracy. After adding this second JUKI to our line, not only were we able to double output but it allowed for us to run more complex designs because it doubled our feeder space.


  • 15,500 CPH
  • Placement accuracy: ±0.05mm (Cpk ≥1)


JUKI KE-2060L High Speed Pick and Place

SMT Line

This is the original Pick and Place machine we chose for our line. This machine has five pick heads that allow it to pick and place 5 components at a time. Unlike a “chip shooter,” this machine was designed to handle any component size. This machine comes with two alignment methods, Vision and LaserAlign. With vision align the machine can check for defective components such as IC’s having bent leads and reject them prior to placing them.


  • 12,500 CPH
  • ±0.05mm placement accuracy using LaserAlign
  • ±0.03mm placement accuracy using Vision

Heller 1707 MKIII

HELLER 1707 MK III 7 Zone Reflow Oven

SMT Line

The Heller MK III 7 Zone Reflow Oven is the next machine. This oven has seven heating zones that can reach above the high temperatures needed to reflow lead-free solder, allowing us to accurately reach the manufacturer recommended reflow profile of our solder paste. We understand that Each PCB design has different thermal mass and that impacts the reflow profile. For this reason, we purchased a KIC Smart profiler. The KIC is a device that tells us how to profile the oven for each design to achieve the most accurate reflow profile. It works by monitoring the temperature in different areas of a PCB as it passes through the oven, It then takes the data and comes up with the best profile for the design.


  • 7 Heat Zones
  • Smart Profiling
  • Lead Free Approved
  • KIC Smart Profiler

Mirtec MV7L

MIRTEC MV-7L Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

SMT Line

This machine is an automated optical inspector (AOI). The MIRTEC MV-7L uses a sophisticated camera and lighting system along with special software to check printed circuit board assemblies for defects. During it’s quick scan of the circuit board it checks for incorrect component placements, incorrect polarity, insufficient solder and solder bridges. We understand that human beings suffer from inspector fatigue. This is when inspectors start passing product with little or no inspection. We eliminated this problem by having this machine inspect 100% of the production run.


  • Smart Component Database
  • Solder defect diagnostics

Selective Solder Equipment

SPA 400F Selective Solder

Thru-Hole Soldering

To improve lead time on product delivery we invested in this selective solder machine. The SPA 400F handles our thru-hole soldering. This machine is different from a traditional “wave” soldering machine. Instead of passing the PCB through a pool of solder heating the whole board, this machine has a small tip that moves to each lead for soldering. This allows us to solder thru-hole components right next to surface mount components mounted to the bottom of the PCB.

SCS Precisioncoat

SCS Precisioncoat Automated Coater

Conformal Coating

The SCS Precisioncoat Automated Coater is used when products need to be conformally coated. This machine allows for a fast and repeatable spraying process. Since it is an automated machine, we can configure the amount of product dispensed to reach a certain thickness as well as spray coating around things that should not be sprayed like connectors. This machine has saved a considerable amount of labor and time and has produced extremely uniform product.


  • Dual Spray Head System


Epilog Helix Lasers


We use our Epilog Helix lasers to etch and cut acrylic for our lighted capacitive touch keypads. We also use the lasers to cut adhesive which we use for mounting and product assembly. These lasers have a 24” x 18” bed.


  • Auto adjustable height
  • 24’ x 18’ bed

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